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2024 Ford Chassis Cab at Don Vance Ford

The Ford brand is here for you when the going gets tough! No matter what might be on your to-do list, there’s a Ford vehicle with the strength and capability to help you get it done. Whenever you’re in need of a truck that truly never holds back, it’s time to turn to the Ford Chassis Cab! The Chassis Cab is available in several different strength levels, and there is also a variety of trims to choose from. Down below, we’re going to be filling you in on all the most exciting features and abilities of the 2024 Ford Chassis Cab, and we’ll also be sure to let you know how you can get yours here at Don Vance Ford. Read on to learn more!


Impressive Payload

Haul what you want, and what you need. The F-600 Chassis Cab features a 15,210-lb. maximum payload rating and is equipped to tow up to 34,900 lbs.

Power to Tow

When the job calls for towing bigger loads, the Super Duty Chassis Cab stands ready with a heavy and strong frame with the components you need.


Power Take-Off (PTO) Provision

The standard Power Take-off (PTO) Provision lets you power an aftermarket pump, compressor or other accessory. The PTO provision is standard across the entire engine lineup.

PTO Torque

The Super Duty® Power Take-off (PTO) Provision offers stationary 300 lb.-ft. of PTO torque output on diesel, giving you more power for upfits just when you need it. For added efficiency, the 10-bolt PTO mounting pattern provides a secure mount for larger PTO devices to take greater advantage of this impressive torque.



The components of the four-wheel anti-lock brakes feature large rotors for two important reasons. You want them to provide the sure stopping power you expect when you’re out on the job hauling tons of equipment or cargo, and you want them to last, because having to replace brakes too often can be a drag on your bottom line.

Vinyl Floors

The 2024 Ford Super Duty Chassis Cab features optional carpet delete vinyl flooring. Outfit your Super Duty Chassis Cab floors with full-length vinyl for added durability.


Digital Owner’s Manual

Get to know your vehicle on your terms. Instead of flipping through dozens of pages, the Digital Owner’s Manual includes in-depth information on vehicle features, streamable how-to videos to help you learn and more – all through a searchable database.

Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Take your digital life on the road with cordless control of your vehicle’s functions. Access features through the center touchscreen or simply with the sound of your voice.

Ram Chassis Cab Trim Levels


  • FordPro Upfit System
  • 4.3L 2V DECVT Engine
  • Pre-Collision Assist


  • Power Stroke V8
  • AdvanceTrac
  • Trailer Sway Control


  • SYNC 4 System
  • 2kW ProPower Onboard
  • Front Leather Seating

How Much can the Chassis Cab Tow?

When you’re driving a high-powered truck like the Ford Chassis Cab, towing is the name of the game! You want a vehicle that you can drive with confidence, no matter what you might be bringing along for the journey. As we mentioned above, the Chassis Cab is available in three levels, the F-400, F-500, and F-600, with the 600 being the most robust. The Chassis Cab 600 has you covered when it comes to its abilities, boasting a maximum towing capacity of up to 34,900 pounds! It also offers a maximum payload weight of up to 15,210 pounds. The Chassis Cab offers a High Capacity Trailer Tow Package to help you increase your towing power. There’s a GAWR, or gross axle weight rating, of 7,500 pounds, and a GCWR, or gross combination weight rating, of 43,500 pounds.

What are the Chassis Cab’s Other Performance Features?

There are so many impressive and high-powered elements that make the Chassis Cab the truck it is! First of all, we want to highlight the engine options. There’s the 7.3-liter gas V8 engine, rated at 335 horsepower and 468 lb-ft of torque. There’s also an available 6.7-liter Power Stroke V8 turbo diesel, rated at 330 horsepower and 950 lb-ft of torque. Strength is built right into the design of the Chassis Cab, with its military-grade high-strength aluminum body, and high-strength steel C-channel aft-of-cab frame underneath. The Chassis Cab also comes with large brake rotors to help you come to stop while carrying literal tons of cargo. Their size also helps prevent wear and tear, and increase longevity. Lastly, available full-length vinyl floors help you easily keep your truck’s interior clean.

What Design Features does the Chassis Cab Have?

Now that we’ve explained all of the rugged and powerful features of the 2024 Ford Chassis Cab, it’s time to show you the other side of this picture! Not only is the Chassis Cab mighty, but it’s also comfortable and stylish! The interior of the Chassis Cab offers you a whole host of features that elevate your driving experience, and make this truck truly enjoyable. For example, you can opt for leather-trimmed seats, and there’s also a standard SYNC 4 infotainment system. For your convenience, there’s lockable underseat storage beneath the seats, as well as extra room in the back, complete with a flat load floor. On the exterior, you’ll find LED spotlight side view mirrors, with a dual purpose. First of all, they make you more visible on the road. They can also be used as work lights if you find yourself working at night!

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